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Asset planning and protection services

You’ve worked hard to build your assets and property. You’ve got a will, you’ve planned your estate… but are you doing everything in your power to safeguard your assets now?


There are many number of reasons why your assets might be at risk: Bankruptcy, divorce, catastrophic medical bills, litigation. No matter how large or small your assets, you need a plan to shelter them.

Janet B. Lurie, Esq understands how complicated and unpredictable life can be, and she’ll help you create a plan that protects your hard-earned wealth. The right strategies can limit potential liabilities, ensuring you and your family members

are protected.

Protect your assets

Start planning for the future with a will or a trust. With the right estate planning, you'll never have to wonder if your family is protected. Learn more about your long term care and special needs planning options. Janet B. Lurie, Esq has dedicated her life to helping you navigate our complex legal system; take advantage of her experience and guidance today.

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