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Don't be intimidated by long term care planning

Both the legal system and the health care system can be intimidating and confusing. When considering all your options, it’s easy to find yourself wondering just how it’s going to work out, and if you’ll be able to find the care you or your loved one needs. As an advisor in long term care and Elder Law issues, Janet B. Lurie, Esq has the knowledge and skills to provide you with the guidance you need during a difficult time.

You might find that certain things like nursing home care aren’t covered by your insurance. By planning ahead, we’ll work together to explore all your long term care financial and legal options.


• Disability planning

• Long term care planning

• Guardianship

• Conservatorship

• Special needs planning

• Supplemental Benefit Trusts

• Planning for catastrophic illness and disability

• Nursing home issues

• Qualified income trust

Explore your long term care options

When you’re considering your long-term care choices, you’re likely to have a lot of questions. You need an advocate who will help you understand your rights, and can help you with all the issues you’re facing, including estate planning, asset planning, nursing home rights, Medicaid, and wills and trusts. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

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