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Protecting your vulnerable loved ones

It’s something no one wants to have to think about. You’ve entrusted a vulnerable loved one to the care of a professional facility, only to discover that your trust has been violated due to negligent behavior on the part of facility employees. You might feel helpless and frustrated, but we can help.

Your loved one has a right to live in safety. Janet B. Lurie, Esq is a dedicated advocate with experience speaking on behalf of those who are all too often unable to speak for themselves. Together, we’ll make sure your loved one’s rights are protected, and those responsible for negligent or abusive behavior are held accountable.


• Abuse

• Neglect

• Falls

• Medications

• Malnutrition

Nursing home rights advocate

Make sure your rights are respected with legally binding wills and trusts. Asset planning and estate planning can give you and your loved one's peace of mind about the future. We'll also help you understand your Medicaid options.  

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