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Make sure they're cared for after you're gone

Caring for a loved one with special needs or someone who is developmentally disabled is a wonderful and challenging responsibility. You have an intimate understanding of the issues you and your loved one face, and you might wonder what will happen to them when you’re no longer able to provide them with loving support they receive from you.

There are a number of legal options available to you.

Make sure your loved one’s rights are protected, and they receive the care they need, even after you’re gone. Janet B. Lurie, Esq will give you information and advice backed by more than 25 years of Elder Law and special needs law experience.


• Power of Attorney

• Trusts

• Supplemental Benefit Trusts

• Planning for catastrophic illness and disability

 Nursing home rights and applications

• Nursing home issues

Special needs and developmentally disabled planning

Janet B. Lurie, Esq has dedicated her life to helping people. Let her help

you navigate your legal choices in estate planning, asset planning,

and Medicaid.

Taking care of your Elder Law issues

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home, and hospital

visits available.

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with special

needs planning.


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